The inside of Gagakuan & Kirakuan has been renovated with modern materials such as Italian piastrella and wooden flooring. We have also tried to keep it in its original style as much as possible, preserving antique fixtures and furniture.
As a result, Gagakuan & Kirakuan has turned out to be a precious, modern and convenient space, a villa you will never find elsewhere.
We would be more than happy to help you with your stay in Kyoto.

Gagakuan & Kirakuan is designed for people to stay as a resident. There is a good supermarket in the neighborhood if you get tired of eating out and would rather prepare your favorite dish in the villa.
There is a Japanese style public bath nearby where the locals meet. The longer you stay, the more you can experience..

Some clients repeat visiting Gagakuan & Kirakuan at different seasons.
No TV is your chance to become a bookworm, fall deep in meditation, or you could simply gaze at the Tsubo-niwa, a small garden.
Gagakuan & Kirakuan offers you an ordinary daily life without the complications.

Gagakuan & Kirakuan is consisted of minimum walls and doors.
Even the staircase is made of glass which grants an open atmosphere throughout.
Here lies the philosophy of this villa. Gagakuan & Kirakuan has been designed to create a space where the occupants may be doing separate things but still sharing the same air.

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