I have always been traveling, I love traveling and I love to travel like a Zingaro.(i.e a Gypsy) While I am at it, away from my daily life, I suppose I feel more obliged to my blessings, realizing that I have been taking them for granted. I also seem to confirm where I am actually standing. Naturally, I’ve come across interesting people, and have gotten the chances to discover things. On these occasions, I always used to long for comfy places for a good rest; a place where I can reflect on the past, present and future. A place where one can relax as if it were home.
This is why I have decided to open Gagakuan. I wanted to create you a home away from your real home. I wish you to feel at home here in Kyoto.
- Innkeeper

about gagakuan

How we changed a 100-year-old Machiya into ………..

Gagakuan was born by renovating a 100- year-old typical Kyoto wooden house, a machiya.
Here are some photos to show you how this has been done by Japanese artisans.