Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Q1. There seems to be no staff standing by at the villa. How do we check- in?

A.When we confirm your reservation, we will ask you the time of your arrival. We will be at the villa to welcome you at the specified time. We will hand you the house key as well as explain the facilities then.

Q2. Could we send our luggage before arrival?

A.Yes, you could arrange to send it to arrive one day prior to your arrival. If you want to send it back as well, we shall arrange it but the dispatch will actually take place on the following day of your departure.

Q3. I understand the villa is equipped with a kitchen. Are basic ingredients such as seasoning and oil ready to use?

A.Yes, we provide basic ingredients such as oil, salt& pepper etc. In addition to this, we have some pasta in our cabinet, too..

Q4. Are there any supermarkets or grocery stores nearby?

A.There is a 24- hour supermarket 5 minutes away from the villa, and the famous NISHIKI-MARKET is also a mere 15 minutes away.

Q5. Don’t you provide sleeping wear ?

A.No, we are afraid we do not provide sleeping wear. This is due to the fact that when it comes to night wear, we all have different tastes. We kindly ask you to bring your own. We do, however, believe it our responsibility to offer comfort rest. Therefore we pay extra attention on high quality beds and beddings.

Q6. Viewing the images in your homepage, there seems to be only one double bed. We are a party of four. Where do the other two sleep?

A.Actually, there are two single beds upstairs (as shown in our homepage. Please note that the two single beds are placed next to each other which makes it look like one double bed) There is ample room to place Futons beside the bed. Or, alternatively, you can set up the Futons downstairs in order to separate the sleeping spaces.

Q7. From the map I see, it looks as if Gagakuan is in walking distance from Kyoto Station, is it not?

A.Yes, it is possible to walk from Kyoto Station and will take approximately 15 minutes on foot. We recommend taking Karasuma Street and passing by famous Higashi Honganji Temple. This is actually a very nice walking route if you don’t mind the walking.

Q8. During our stay, will there be any house-keeping service?

A.Unless our guests request for a cleaning/linen changing service, we do not interrupt your stay. The villa is completely private for you to stay as if it were your own home.

Q9. Could we request you to book a restaurant for us or to ask of information we may need as one could at a concierge at hotels?

A.Yes, we try to know and arrange the guests’ needs in advance by exchanging emails. We will also provide you with a telephone number of your personal concierge, whom you can call any time during your stay for assistance..

Q10. Does the villa have access to the Internet?

A.Yes, there is a free LAN service.. There is a PC for guests in our villa, also you can bring your PC.

Q11. It seems Gagakuan locates somewhere very difficult to find, but we do not speak any Japanese, what shall we do?

A. If you let us know your arrival time, we will go to get you there in the station.

Q12. We would like to use bikes from early in the morning, but it looks rental bike shop open after 10:00 am, is there anything you can do for it?

A. Do not worry, we will provide bikes on your arrival day, then you can use from next morning! ( you do not need to pay extra charge.)

Q13. Noi non parliamo Giapponese e Inglese. Potresti aiutarci?

A. Non c’e problema, noi parliamo Italiano!

Q14. We are taking night flight back to home from Kansai Airport, so we would like to use the Villa until we take the train, is that possible?

A. We try our best for guests convenience. Up to now we always accepted the request for checking out time.

Please send us any comments or remarks regarding your stay at Gagakuan.

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