I designed the first our townhouse, Gagakuan, by my thought such as I would like to create and live.
For Kirakuan, I set out to create more good place by my learning and experience in Gagakuan.
Now that I complete Kirakuan, It's not clear by myself whether I could accomplish or not…
Just I wish you to feel peaceful and cozy when you come back from a day travel…
We are happy if you feel at home here in Kirakuan.

Kirakuan was born by renovating a 100- year-old typical Kyoto wooden house, a machiya.
Here are some photos to show you how this has been done by Japanese artisans.

  • Not good too clean… it was difficult for painter to match the tone with original structure.
    We ordered painter to match the tone of the window flame with the original structure.
  • Oven rack is ordered with stairs by custom made.
  • The first decision was to collect fantastic switch covers which is match with the house!